Fiona McNee has over 20 years experience in providing business strategy, development and communication advice to clients from both public and private sectors.  Combining qualifications in both law and communication, she has worked with clients across a diverse array of industries, from ICT and energy technologies to agricultural and marine industries, to develop solutions to the challenges of delivering outcomes in an ever-changing environment. With an increasing focus on the innovation, creative and research sectors, she has developed significant expertise in identifying emerging trends and collaborative problem-solving that enhance relationships and deliver sustainable policy, social and financial gains.  As principal of BigPic and Your Commercial Foundations, she continues to be committed to using that expertise for the benefit of not-for-profit and commercial organisations seeking to tackle future challenges by embracing a proactive present.

She was raised on English comedy – Goons, Goodies, Morecambe & Wise, Kenny Everett, and Two Ronnies) – and musical comedy (in which category she includes both Cole Porter and Austen Tayshus), so if she’s a little unrestrained and/or heavy-handed with the word play and puns, she apologises. She was also raised on Hollywood musicals and Aaron Sorkin scripts, so if she’s overly idealistic, she’s not sorry at all.

She’s also rather passionate about the issues she believes in and, though she’s not backing away from her opinions or the passion with which she holds them, she consider it prudent to put at least a <click> between her, um, insights and her telling people to manage their profile with at least the same professionalism they want their career to be treated…….

Oh, and on the off-chance anyone wants to, I’m fine with re-blogging. Unless you’re wanting to make fun of me. Although if you’re really good at that, we can talk.

UPDATE  24 August 2015:

With BigPic being temporarily mothballed while Your Commercial Foundations prepares to seek Registered Training Organisation status, there’s been something of a consolidation of posts on this site, as well as an attempt to streamline the listing function without actually learning any technical skills.  While the post dates may not reflect it because of the simplistic transfer methods used, the timing actually runs backward chronologically down the page i.e. end of the year at the top of the page. So if it looks like history is being manipulated, it kinda is, but not in an evil-genius-kind-of-way.

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