Do you speak Commerce?

french translation: do you speak commerce German translation: do you speak commerce

May 15 is the launch of my second business:  second in birth date, but at least at the moment, primary in effort!  The concept of Your Commercial Foundations (YCF) has been festering for a number of years – over and over, I would see incredibly smart and capable clients not able to fully participate in their own projects and applications due to a lack of understanding of the commercial world and its priorities.

YCF is essentially an immersion course in the language and culture of the commercial world  – in the same way you can take a crash course in French to get the most out of your visit to France, YCF’s short courses will enable participants to get the most out of the commercial world.  And whether or not your personal goal is to actually take an idea to market, all of our now work ultimately takes place in a commercial world of return on investment – of time, of effort, and resources – whether we work for profit or not.

Creator and innovators – my principal focus, whether it’s in the form of scientists, researchers, technologists, designers, or artists – need commercial savvy as well as innovative thinking and professional skills to participate fully in a global marketplace for ideas. YCF aims to help them develop this to the level of fluency they choose – we know not everyone wants to be commercialization specialist or MBA. The programs have been designed to be both stand-alone and modular, so participants take their skills in the direction and depth they wish.  Corporate employers are also able to have modules delivered to groups, allowing tailoring to incorporate individual business processes.

For more information on the YCF programs and approach, please visit the website at And for those of you wondering, yes I did the artwork. Be kind.

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