The Impact of Good Lighting

It may sound obvious, but good lighting is vital.  The thing that may not be quite so obvious is that this is true not only in lounge rooms, photos and uneven laneways, but also in achieving your goals.

Look at the two photos below.

Which makes you appreciate the value of the building? Which makes you wonder where it is, whether you can get out onto that balcony, or in my case as a child, live in it as my castle?

In the same way, shining the light – the attention, the focus – brings to your audience’s attention what you want them to see. And the shadows? Shadows are not just something in which to hide – they provide contrast, build a sense of intrigue that draws one in, and create highlights (just ask anyone who wears blush or has foils in their hair).

So ask yourself this – are you using light to your best professional advantage?


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