How To Orchestrate A National Media Push Without A PR Team

Oh how I need this….. the app, not the push


This week, Finish went freemium. The anti-procrastination to-do list app, built by teenagers Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen, saw more than 50,000 downloads in the first 48 hours of launching the free app.

Originally, Finish was priced at $.99.

So how did the startup, with absolutely no marketing spend and no formal PR representation, pull in so many downloads out of nowhere?

It’s all about timing.

For one, Ryan Orbuch is a hound. He’s a smart kid who built a pretty app, and as a high schooler himself he truly understands his target demographic.

But he’s also one of the last people I want to receive a text, email, or DM from. Not because he isn’t nice, or because I don’t like Finish, or because he’s done anything wrong. In fact, he’s done most things right — the kid won an Apple Design Award at 17!

But he can’t…

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2 thoughts on “How To Orchestrate A National Media Push Without A PR Team

  1. Ok so this is quite a weird reply to your blog, but….I am trying to find Merv and Betty McNee, who were friends of my mothers’ (Patricia Britzman, nee Sanders), at least Betty was when they were trainee nurses together. I know they had a daughter called Fiona, because I met her in the 1970s when they came over to the UK. I’m wondering if you are the same Fiona?
    Becky Elliott

    • Hi Becky! I *am* that Fiona: as proof, I still have the jester I’m told you loved as much as I did!! Mum’s so pleased to hear from you/your Mum and, tho she said to warn you she’s rubbish at replying regularly, she’d love to get in contact. Pls email me at, and we can swop more direct addys.

      Thanks for finding us!!

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