No, I’m Not a Nice Person, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Sorry

To anyone who has been following this blog and is cursing my name for the overflow in their feed, I’m truly sorry. Not sorry enough not to have done it, mind you, but sorry nonetheless.  You see I’ve recently mothballed one of my businesses, BigPic, in the interests of seizing a moment in the other, but the mechanics of that meant I would lose some posts from that site that I wasn’t prepared to let go yet.

So I’ve transferred them all over to this blog – lucky it and you, right?!?! – but that has meant an awful lot of posts seeming to be made over a short period of time. Which is no fun.

But, on the off-chance this rush of content has made you a very happy bunny, let me warn you now: this is not usual. Seriously. Lower your expectations. A lot. Now.


Deliberate Silence

Of course the other thing that happened in the last two weeks affecting the focus of this blog was the Australian Government’s budget. This blog is going to try and stay away from big-P Politics in favour of discussing small-p policy from all parties that affect this space. That’s the plan anyway.

And yes, I know my political views will influence any comment I might make, but I’m hoping  that can be limited to small-p politics: it’s worth a try…