So When in Doubt, Go the Gratuitous Pole Dancer shot??

The Oz's caption?: Federal research policy is poles apart from what's needed

The Oz’s caption?: “Federal research policy is poles apart from what’s needed” – see the attached pdf for the “gymnastic” encore

Pole Dancer version

UPDATE:  12:35pm 8 AUGUST 2013  in the processing of posting this story, it has become apparent that The Australian has decided there was a better photo option to accompany their story: check out the thumbnail at via the Higher Education home page While pleased with this outcome, I’m still including the original photo and caption included, if only to prove I’m not making this up…..

Maybe it’s because it’s National Science Week, when we celebrate the importance of science and the multitude of fields in which our relatively small country has consistently produced some of the world’s best and brightest. Continue reading

#onsci June 20 2013: Myths about communicating science

No, I’m not just copping out of blogging this week – would actually love to hear what you think about this


We’re all aware of the popular science TV series Mythbusters.

These crazy scientists spend an hour or so challenging common perceptions about science and technology.

But is this the only way that science can be appealing?

Does science needs to be kooky, whacky, explosive and dangerous in order to be of interest?

And what other mythical beliefs are out there about science communication?

How about:

  • ‘scientists don’t want to talk to people about their work’
  • ‘oh, why do we bother, people aren’t really that interested in science’
  • ‘just give people the facts’
  • ‘if they knew what I knew about science, then they’d love it too’
  • ‘we have to make science fun and exciting!’
  • ‘scientists should just be left alone to do research, not waste their time communicating about what they do and find’
  • ‘scientists who are interested in communicating their work aren’t really proper, hardcore scientists’.

These statements are…

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