Isn’t it enough for innovators to just innovate?

Numerous public and private sector reports in the last 36 months have identified the need for graduates from our education system to acquire commercial savvy and innovative thinking in order to compete internationally in a global marketplace for ideas. This is particularly so in the innovative industries which are widely accepted as the key to increasing productivity across economies, both directly and indirectly. Continue reading

Do you speak Commerce?

french translation: do you speak commerce German translation: do you speak commerce

May 15 is the launch of my second business:  second in birth date, but at least at the moment, primary in effort!  The concept of Your Commercial Foundations (YCF) has been festering for a number of years – over and over, I would see incredibly smart and capable clients not able to fully participate in their own projects and applications due to a lack of understanding of the commercial world and its priorities.

YCF is essentially an immersion course in the language and culture of the commercial world Continue reading

“When it comes …


“When it comes to things like business education, we have an interesting debate [Success] is far tougher to teach at university. As an entrepreneur, you just need to be able to add up, subtract and multiply…What matters is you create products that people really want.”

Food for thought: Sir Richard Branson, at UQ Business School’s luncheon 9 May 2013              (Read more:

Putting the “Continuing” in Continuing Education

Changes in the mix of skills and occupations required by various industries influence the demand for education; this particularly influences mature-age students to return to education. The development of post-graduate courses and flexible methods for course delivery has allowed the expansion of this field over the past five years. In 2012-13, mature age students ie over 25 years old, accounted for 17.3% of the education and training market. Demand for these courses is high as people update and upgrade their knowledge and skills for career change and progression. Australia also has a strong record for participation in lifelong learning, measured against other OECD countries (IBISWorld Industry Report: Education and Training in Australia, February 2013.) Continue reading